Permit Portal


You can view instructions online or use Adobe Acrobat to print a copy of the instructions.

  1. Accela Citizens Access - Public User Guide Leon County: Print Instructions
  2. Check/Request Inspections City of Tallahassee: Print Instructions / Leon County: Tutorial

Helpful Hints

How to Search the Database

There are several ways to pull information from the database. You can search by an address, permit number, license number and parcel identification number (TaxID): City of Tallahassee / Leon County

It may be helpful to utilize an Interactive Map in order to obtain the correct address or parcel identification number.

Choose a Jurisdiction

Each jurisdiction does not provide for the same type of online permitting and inspections services, therefore, you must first identify the jurisdiction in which you are doing business before proceeding.

If you are unsure of your jurisdiction please use the following Interactive Map.

Additional Information

For additional guidance, processes, procedures and downloadable applications please click either the city or county links below:

You must Register

In order to apply for a permit or request an inspection, you must be a Registered User with the City and/or a Registered User with the County as an active and properly licensed contractor.